The Most Expensive House in the World

 Simon has decided to sell his house in the UK … :)

The is reported to be the world’s most expensive house. It is currently on the market and you can buy it if you can afford it. Check out this video showing the spread on this place.

 It may still be for sale…make Simon an offer :)

Would you like to buy this house or not? Explain why below

8 Responses to “The Most Expensive House in the World”

  1. What..?

    Simon owns this place?

  2. Trish says:

    Couldn’t he afford to furnish it?

  3. Peter says:

    Thank God this is in England and should be owned by an English man if I had the dosh I would definately buy this, my home is worth about $400,000
    or in English money £250,000 do you think I would have enough for the deposit on this pad.

  4. A tad misleading I would think??! :-)
    No – I wouldn’t want to live in a house like this – too big. I would like a lovely, ‘home’, not a ‘showpiece’. I don’t even have enough friends for guests, or a family to fill it, although I am sure if I owned such a home, the friends would ‘gather’!! :)

    But thank you for showing this, because it revealed some self-limiting doubts i have – as i watched, i didn’t believe i could ever ever own such wealth. Even close to it. This suggests to me, that I need to look at my mindset as I start to earn online – and get rid of these doubts (I think I need to listen again to your ‘mindset’ audios (Secret Firesale Audios I think?) – and marketing explosion audios I purchased awhile ago). :)

    I just sometimes think that – now, i may have ‘missed the boat’ as they say. The market is so saturated. Is it too late? How does one stand out these days, especially when alone, suffering incurable illness, yet still trying to think positive, high hopes and goals.

    I don’t want to die and know I have so much to give this world. Sometimes it is hard with illness; and where once perhaps 2 or so years ago I thought i really might have had a chance, I now wonder again – have i missed my opportunity – to be in a position to both support myself, and to move forwards, and to be able to make a difference in this world!

    But back to the house – no – its lovely, but its not ‘me’ (and I don’t think its Simon’s either!!)

    Thanks guys – you are an inspiration :-)

    Kind Regards
    Megan McCarthy, PhD (Meg)
    Adelaide, South Australia

  5. Kevin says:

    I thought the most expensive house in the world was the one built by William Randolph Hearst:

  6. You would need a staff of 20 just to keep up the maintenance !

  7. Imagine the cleaning ! You’d need a full-time staff of 4 people just to maintain it.

  8. Imagine the carbon footprint for that baby !

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